Mamie's Adoption Timeline

June 2014-Started discussing the possibility of adopting again, feeling pulled toward China

July 2014-New Beginning told us about its new China program

7/29/14-Sent in applications to New Beginnings and Small World for their China partnership program

8/28/14-Orientation call with Small World

9/5/14-Home study update (and Max's one year post-placement) visit...the paper chase begins!

9/17/14-Fingerprinting in Columbus for FBI clearance

9/20/14-FBI results back (new electronic process...this took 8 WEEKS with Max!)

9/23/14-Made our big announcement

9/26/14-All home study paperwork submitted. Just waiting on it to be written.

11/25/14-Home study completed

11/28/14-I-800 application mailed to USICS

12/13/14-Fingerprint appointment received

12/23/14-USCIS fingerprinting in Jackson

1/17/15-Immigration approval received

1/18/15-All dossier documents sent to New Beginnings to send to MS Secretary of State and then Chinese Embassy in Houston!!!

2/12/15-DTC! (dossier sent to China) We will be logged in after the Chinese New Year.

3/3/15-LID! (log in date) The agency said referrals usually come within a month of being logged in.

4/2/15-Received Mamie's referral email after being told earlier in the week that we didn't get a match this month. Shocked and thrilled!

4/4/15-Send in acceptance paperwork after talking to IAC and other doctors. We are thrilled! We got to tell everyone at our big, successful Boston butt fundraiser!

4/25/15-LOA issued! Much quicker than we thought! :)

4/27/15-Overnighted I-800 packet to USICS

4/30/15-Recieved text/email confirmation from USCIS

5/1/15-Mailed visa applications and signed original LOA

5/11/15-Received RFE from USICS for missing document. Emailed it, but two weeks later found out officer never received it. Resent on 5/26/15 only to find out its the wrong document, so we are still waiting on the right one from China. BOO!!!

5/29/15-Received needed documents from agency and emailed to USCIS. Received 1-800 provisional approval by email just hours later! PRAISE! We'll get the paper approval in the mail, but now our docs are on to China for the next step!

6/1/15-Recieved I-800 provisional approval letter with my name misspelled! :( Called again and they said they has to verify that it was their typo. Waiting again!

6/4/15-Got a call from USCIS officer that, indeed, I did spell my own name correctly and it was their error. She mailed new approval letters that day.

6/5/15-Got NVC Letter by email. Can't fill out the final step, the DS-260 because the website is down!!! Beyond annoyed!

6/6/15-Another great Boston butt fundraiser and MR's bake sale

6/9/15-Finally got through on the DS-260 web page and submitted our final form! All paperwork should be submitted to the consulate in China while we sleep tonight.

6/25/15-Article 5 issued and picked up by our agency!! The last piece of paperwork we need! :) It will go to the CCCWA, who will issue travel approval (TA) in the coming weeks. YEA!!!!

7/3/15-TA!!!! We are leaving for China in two weeks!

7/17/15-Leaving for China!

7/19/15-Arrived in Nanjing, the capital of Mamie's province, Jiangsu

7/20/15-Mamie is in our arms forever!!!

7/21/15-Adoption finalized! Whohoo! Visited her orphanage in Jiangyin.

7/24/15-Got her passport and flew to Guangzhou for remainder of the trip to get her visa

7/25/15-Medical appointment

7/29/15-Visa appointment

7/31/15-Fly home with Mamie!!

8/1/15-Home to Mississippi as a family of SIX!

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