Max's Adoption Timeline

Where we've been and where we're going:

God laid it on our hearts to adopt:
Wes has had this desire since childhood. Meaghan approached him in late January 2011.
2/1/11-Decided to adopt from Ethiopia, but realized we had to get settled in MS to formally start the process
3/15/11-Sold house in Alabama!
March 2011-Moved to Starkville (after 5+ months of Wes commuting)
June 2011-Moved into new home! Ready to get the ball rolling!
7/8/11-Application submitted to Children's Hope International
7/15/11-Made our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
7/19/11-Application approved for a 0-12 month baby boy!
7/20/11-FBI fingerprints taken and mailed
7/29/11-Blood work and TB tests (got medical forms signed for us 8/1/11 and for the kids 8/5/11)
7/30/11-First and second home study meeting (In-home visit!)
8/9/11-Third home study visit (turned in all required paperwork and attachments) and Wes' physical for dossier
8/10/11-T-shirt fundraiser launched!
8/12/11-Meaghan's physical
8/16/11-Final home study visit
8/31/11-Required adoption education completed and approved for home study
9/2 and 9/3/11-AWESOME Garage sale fundraiser!
9/9/11-Announce his name!
9/24/11-FBI check results (finally!)
9/27/11-Mailed USCIS I-600A
9/28/11-Homestudy completed!!!
11/11/11-Uncle Chuck's birthday party fundraiser
11/15/11-Cold Stone Creamery fundraiser
11/16/11-USCIS biometrics appointment
11/26/11-USCIS Favorable Determination Letter arrives
11/30/11-Dossier completed and mailed to CHI
12/16/11-We are on the waitlist at #89!!
4/2/12-Switched agencies to West Sands and started dossier updates
4/11/12-Mailed completed dossier to West Sands
4/21/12-Cotton District Arts Festival fundraiser
4/23-28/12-Deep South Pout fundraising week
5/7/2012-Dossier to Ethiopia. We are #50!
1/14/13-USCIS fingerprint renewal appointment
1/18/13-#18 (top 6 for a boy!)
1/24/13-USCIS fingerprint approval received
1/25/13-Travel shots
3/11/13-Social worker visit for home study update
4/1/13-#16 (top 4 for a boy, I think)
4/12/13-Mailed updated home study to USCIS
4/22/13-Received updated USCIS Favorable Determination Letter
6/19/13-Submitted to Ethiopian court
7/3/13-Preliminary Hearing (we don't travel for this one)
7/10/13-Second hearing scheduled because birthmother didn't appear at the first one
7/11/13-Search for birthmother begins
7/29/13-Third preliminary hearing and court date issued! Such an incredible surprise to get in before rainy season court closure!
8/4/13-Leave for Ethiopia
8/9/13-Court date for Max to become a Gordon! We passed!
9/25/13-Embassy submission
10/21/13-Received email from US Embassy that investigation has begun
10/22/13-CASE CLEARED! Time to get our boy!!!
10/27/13-Home as a family of five!