Thursday, March 22, 2012

Headed out to C4C!


I am so, so, so excited about this weekend...the long-awaited Created for Care retreat is finally here!! About 400 moms from all across the country are headed to Georgia tomorrow to learn, connect, grow, and spend time with like-minded women who share a passion for orphan care, adoption, foster care, etc. Can't wait!!

I'm headed out bright and early with five other North MS moms....only one I know in person! :) I can't wait to spend time with all the other four ladies too though because we know each other through blogs, facebook, e-mail, texting, etc. (Isn't technology wonderful!) I can't wait to hug their necks!! Meredith is adopting from Ethiopia like us, Emily and Jill are adopting from South Korea, Mimi has her domestically adopted son home already, and McCall has a heart for orphans in Africa (so who knows what the future holds for her!). ROADTRIP! :)

Some incredible ministries are going to be there too....147 Million Orphans, Sixty Feet, Wiphan, Ordinary Hero, Noonday Collection, etc. If I only wear adoption/orphan care-related T-shirts and handmade jewelry that benefits its artisans from now on, you'll know why!!

After reading blog posts about the January retreat and seeing the schedule of speakers, breakout sessions, and worship time, I pray that God is going to use this weekend in a big way! Did I mention that I'm excited?!


Kaley said...


i'm so excited for YOU! Wish I could go. Have fun :)
Safe travels

The Hunsberger Family said...

I am so excited you are attending this conference. I found out about it too late to register for this one. It filled up fast! If they give out any information about future conferences, please pass it on to me. Have a great time!

Alison said...

Ahhhh! So excited for you! You are in for an amazing weekend! Make sure you do the "Date with God"! Have fun!!! Wish I was going back! :)