Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas is coming

December is speeding by, but we are making Christmas memories! We picked out our tree around Thanksgiving so it would be ready to decorate when we got home from Nashville. Little full. Lotta sap.
We also took M's Christmas card pics, which actually turned out really good! Cute shirts on cute people!
When we got home from our Thanksgiving road trip, Elfie had appeared! The kids were thrilled!!!
But on Day 2 with our little North Pole friend, Max climbed up and touched him. :( So Elfie needed some recuperation. He's been left alone since, and he's been appearing all over the house each day.
I happened to snap this pic before bed one night since I hadn't gotten any of our Christmas decor yet, and I'm glad it did because that tree crashed over at 2 a.m.! Scared us as Wes and I both shot up out of bed! We then spent the next hour and a half cleaning up soaking wet carpet, ornament shards, tree needles everywhere. UGH. But I've never been so thankful for our stained carpet because it definitely saved some favorite glass ornaments, although we did lose about 8 good ones. Anyway, tree 2.0 is still pretty! And my kids are cute! :)
Mamie loves her little tree in her room too!
We got to see St. Nick at our family's fifth CLC Breakfast with Santa. Such a fun little time to sit on his lap, tell him their wishes, and snap the yearly official Santa pic. Mamie wasn't having it, so Wes was in the pic for the first time, taking my place after I've appeared in my fair share of Santa pics.
 Little Sissy likes Santa from afar.
 Bring on the bacon! Sweet times with sweet friends.
The festivities continued that night with a special trip for Mary Reeves and Murphy to see Elf the Musical in Cleveland. It was Murphy's first big show!
 Addyson was there too, so MR loved visiting with her during intermission.
We all loved the show! It was cute and Christmasy and such a fun night! The show didn't start until 8, so it was a really late night, but the kids lasted the whole time.
 What's better than hot chocolate at 11 p.m.?
 Snuggling in a hotel bed!
Meanwhile, the little two had a fun sleepover with M and then a morning playing with the Thomas boys. Very few pieces of candy ended up on the gingerbread houses, but lots ended up in their mouths!
We also enjoyed watching M and the rest of the FBC choir and orchestra perform the annual Christmas program.
Unrelated to Christmas, but since they are wearing Christmas shirts, I'll throw this in there...Murphy got his library card this week, and all the sibs were happy to share his book stash. I mean, look at this van of precious kiddos! I know I'm going to miss shuttling them around all the time, so remind me of that over the next eight years until MR gets her driver's license. ha!
The month is coming full force, but my semester is over (WHOOP!), and I'm so thankful I can spend next week finishing up Christmas shopping, wrapping, etc while also hitting up school Christmas parties and other events with them. 'Tis the Season!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thankful lists 2016

I've got to record our Thankful Lists for this year because they are always funny to look back on and because they give a peek into the kids' interests/thoughts at their ages.

Mary Reeves is thankful for:
  1. Our family
  2. Sushi
  3. Elfie
  4. Umi
  5. cloes (clothes)
  6. Christmas
  7. the Reading Fair (which is funny to hear because she cried about it every day for 2 weeks!)
  8. Food Network
  9. TV
  10. School and my teachers
  11. M
  12. Cinnamon rolls that are owey and gewy
  13. BeBe and Pop
  14. Aunt Mary Todd
  15. Kroger
  16. Field trips
  17. Wild rice
  18. Uncle Nick
  19. Aunt Sheri
  20. Jesus
  21. Santa Clause
  22. Daddy
  23. Uncle Chuck
  24. Momma
Murphy is thankful for:
  1. my walkie talkies
  2. Candy
  3. Tee-ball team
  4. Santa Claus
  5. Baseballs
  6. Christmas trees
  7. Paper so we can color
  8. School
  9. Coats and jackets and clothes
  10. that we packed our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes
  11. Pumpkins
  12. Mommy, Daddy, and my whole family
  13. Books
  14. God
  15. the Earth
  16. Cooking
  17. Vitamins
  18. Our dogs
  19. Our cat
  20. Football and sports
  21. Friends
  22. Thanksgiving
  23. Our house
  24. Elfie
Max is thankful for:
  1. the Uncle Nick is in our family
  2. Veggie
  3. Dad
  4. Jesus
  5. Baseball and football games
  6. the Christmas tree that's in the middle of town
  7. that God gives us fresh things to eat
  8. Our family
  9. Mary Reeves
  10. Candy
  11. Popcorn
  12. All my trucks
  13. Carrots
  14. Jesus
  15. Murphy and Mamie
  16. My clothes
  17. Brussel sprouts
  18. My dog
  19. My sleeping bag
  20. Broccoli with Ranch
  21. Mississippi State
  22. Winston's girlfriend's mac n cheese
  23. Mom's college students
  24. Elfie
Mamie is thankful for lots of things too, so she'll do a list next year. This year she would just copy what the others would say.

I'm thankful for these crazy, funny, sweet kiddos! :)

Thanksgiving celebrations

We set off on our Thanksgiving road trip to Nashville and squeezed in a lot of fun in just a couple days.

The first stop as we rolled into town was a quick visit to meet baby Charlie and hug Wendy's neck before they headed out of town. So glad to finally get my hands on him, even though he wasn't so sure about me ha! 
We hit up Aunt Sheri's store for some Christmas shopping. Frosty the Snow Max!
Next stop was Aunt Amy and Uncle Tony's beautiful new home on the lake. The kids loved playing video games in the media room, and we all loved the view! Can't wait to visit this summer to play on the water!
The guys in the family got to check out their first hockey game, cheering on the Nashville Predators.
The boys LOVED it, and they made it the whole game. The Preds won!
Meanwhile, we ladies were lounging and visiting. Mamie made a new friend in Sheri and Chuck's old dog, Chip. She normally screams at anyone who touches her blanket, but Mamie cuddled to Chip and covered him with her blankie. That was big...she literally never shares her blanket! Sweet dog just let her love on him.
We celebrated Turkey Day with the parade, lots of food, family pics, and football. Two of my turkeys!
Love this crew!
So much facial hair...
Mammaw with her great-grands
We all cheered on our fave QB, Dak, as he led the Cowboys to another win. We also played games and were generally lazy. "A family full of naughty jerks!" Nope, Murphy, but good try on Speak Out!
It was a great couple of days in TN! Then we topped it off with more road trip snacks on the way home...DQ for the win!
Back at home, Wes took the boys for their first hunt of the year, and Max's first hunt ever! No deer, but quality time in the woods with Snickers, Dr. Peppers, and the iPad to keep them quiet. :)
After such a fun week off, we didn't want to go back to real life on Monday! But after Thanksgiving festivities were over, Christmas fun was just around corner!