Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy birthday, Wes!

Happy birthday to this rock star! He's the best, and we loved getting to celebrate the big 3-5 with him this week!
We had a fun school night adventure on a random Tuesday that just happened to be his b-day eve with a trip to the Grammy Museum Mississippi, dinner and The Avett Brothers show in Cleveland. The museum was great, and I'm so glad it worked out to visit before the concert.
We LOVE a date night, and this one was definitely a treat!!!
The Avett Brothers were soooo good, and it was so fun to be so close in a small venue as opposed to an amphitheater. We loved every minute with the most random crowd of bearded hipsters in flannel, Delta farmers in T-shirts, and sportcoat-wearing senior adult BPAC season ticket holders ha! Definitely worth the bit of sleepiness the next day after the drive back home!

Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like that love that lets us share our name. My fave line from MR's fave song...
We all celebrated together with dinner on his actual birthday. Wes chose the new BBQ joint in town, and even the resident BBQ snob was pleased. After school, MR made his traditional b-day MS Mud sheet cake so we finished up the celebration with yummy chocolate cake. All the love for our fearless leader who hustles at work and works even harder at home! Here's to 35!

Fun fall family weekend

We made the most of the football off weekend with a ton of family fun! The weekend started off with a field trip for Murphy to my building for an MSU Theatre production (MR saw it with her class earlier in the week). It was fun to hang with Murf and his buddies outside McComas between class and a meeting. 
That night was the annual T.K. Martin family fun run through campus. This year's theme was superheroes, which everyone loved! I mean, look at these four!
These kiddos love the fun run because you get cookies and candy throughout the loop from so many great student organizations supporting the cause!
The women's basketball team stood right beside us for a while so I finally talked a kid into going to ask for a picture. But then Max got teased ha!
Love this pic of Max and Victoria Vivians, the best basketball player he'll probably ever meet! Can't wait to cheer on the Dawgs in the Humps very soon!
We loved running to support sweet Emma!
I'm so sad we didn't get a pic with Martha Ann and Emma, but the whole crew of Gordons, Thomases, Harringtons, and Summerlins were there to cheer them on! Love these peeps!
After the run, we grabbed pizza at Stromboli's and saw MR's sweet teacher, Ms. Turman. Mamie decided she would use a public potty for the first time, so nothing like stripping down three kids in full costume to potty in a three-square foot one seater! Oh motherhood!
The next morning, both boys played in the local soccer jamboree so we had lunch at the fields. MR was definitely the only sister out there snacking on her sushi while cheering on her brothers ha!
Murphy scored his first two U8 goals (including one with Dan Mullen leaning on the goal watching his son sad I didn't get a pic ha!!), but we are working on the disappointment of losing. He hustles so hard, but as soon as I walked up to him with a Gatorade after the game, he started crying so hard. He hates to lose. :( But, it's a lesson he better learn sooner rather than later!
We were all in good spirits later though because it was time for our annual family visit to the pumpkin patch!! We LOVE Country Pumpkins!! 
For the first time, we did the horse rides, which the kids loved.
Max's little mini horse, Buddy, stopped right in the middle of his walk to take a poop. Of course, we are still talking about that event.
My loves!
The little train is always a hit!
This year's hayride was especially scenic, and dusty, because they were harvesting soybeans.
And the corn! They love it, and I'm always finding tons of it in the dryer, in their shoes, etc after visiting the patch.
Annual family pic (with one uncooperative little)
But she's cute when she wants to be!
The boys picked big carving pumpkins this year.
Mamie thought these huge pumpkins were hilarious little stools.
The kids finally wore us down, and we brought one of the great pumpkins home with us. :) It makes a really fun addition to our fall display.
The pumpkin patch is one of our very favorite family traditions, and this year's visit was so much fun! Thankful for my little pumpkins!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

First soccer games

The boys took the fields last week for their first soccer games (matches? I still have no clue), and it was a trip to watch Max!
He kicked the ball maybe once the whole time, but he had a great time ha! Every time he ran by, he had a huge smile on his face, waving and totally not knowing where the ball was!
He is on a U6 team with boys who have played for a year or two, so he is doing good keeping up with them and learning the rules. Go team Copy Cow!
Murf had moved up to the big fields for U8 games, which are an hour long instead of 30 minutes like Max's games. He is also playing with bigger boys, but he is still one of the fastest on the field. He's good at soccer, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna drop it like it's hot when he is old enough for flag football next year. We'll see!
Sweet soccer brothers!!! So we are basically spending every Tuesday and Thursday nights at the soccer fields until Thanksgiving, and I'm trying to figure out eating schedules, crockpot meals, etc as we adjust to having an activity every single night of the week (with dance and church). Good thing they are so cute!