Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello, Addi!

We started off the weekend with lunch with Murphy's class. Max and Mamie were so excited to eat at his big school with his friends! It was a good day spent with the little two running errands and playing. We had a huge crew at our house Friday afternoon to play, and it was a fun way to end the week.
Saturday morning came and so did our new puppy! Wes has named her Addi (short for Addis), and she's such a cute little pupper! The kiddos LOVE her! They were surprised and excited!
I obviously LOVE this man very much! :) (four kids, four pets....we are nuts!)
I mean, even my non-dog-loving self thinks she's so cute! And soft!
We spent most of the weekend playing with Addi and taking her outside to potty. Nothing like potty training a puppy and a kid at the same time. :)
Ok, Addi...I think I like you enough to let you stay. :)
We joined our neighborhood crew for a fun backyard tailgate party at the Thomases for the MSU game. Good food and food friends!
But then came a good rain!
We let the kids play in the monsoon before we loaded them up for baths and bed. It was really fun while it lasted!
On Sunday morning, MR asked to wear this dress to match Mamie, and it's most likely the last time she'll ever wear a smocked dress. So good thing I happened to snap a pre-church pic. She's 8, and the dress is a little small, but I let her wear it anyway. Wes said it hurt his heart when I pointed out that she's leaving the smocking behind, and she'll be in tween clothes soon enough. :( I like this age! Not ready for tween/teen drama, hormones, and attitudes! Stay little!!!

Dawgs win!

The second home game of the season ended up much better than the first, and we had a great weekend celebrating Murphy, Mammaw Stringer, and the Dawgs. 

It was HOT, but we tailgated all day until the 6 p.m. kickoff. 
 Tailgates are like a family reunions. My side....
 Wes' side...
Even though it was an SEC game, which Murphy had already declared he didn't like because of the lack of space due to lots of tents, he and his buddies found room for plenty of football. 
 Sweaty best friends Murf and Will
The other three kids went home to hang with BeBe, Pop and Mammaw during the MSU vs. South Carolina game, while Murphy and I joined M in her seats. It was so fun to see the Bulldogs play so well!
 Murf was loving it!
You know you're old when the QB (Wayne Madkin) and standout women's basketball player (Tan White) from your college years are among inductees to the Hall of Fame ha! We made it until halftime, and then the stadium was cleared for lightening. Boo! Murphy heard that storms were approaching, so he was outta there! Sad that we didn't get to finish the game, but we had more fun planned for the next day, so bedtime was a good idea.
The whole Stringer side enjoyed lunch at Nick and Mary Todd's after church to celebrate Mammaw's birthday.
 Then it was time for family pics at the Chapel. It was hot, but the kids did very well overall ha!
I can't wait to see the photographer's pics! Mammaw wanted updated family pics for her birthday, but we'll all benefit from these precious shots. 
Weekends are too fun and go by too fast!

Soccer star Max

Max is officially playing his first team sport, with soccer practice starting up. He is in U6, while Murphy has moved up to U8 this year. It's funny because Max is on the same team with two of Murphy's kindergarten we'll see how he can compete with the big kids!
He, of course, had to ask several times why they were only practicing. "Excuse me! Why are we not playing a real game?!"
Once he resigned himself to the fact that it was just practice, he had fun and did great!
Can't wait to watch him in action! Maybe those Ethiopian genes will start to show through on the field! :)